There are many small things in life that we take for granted; one of those things is sleep.

Sleeping is a necessary activity that every human must do every day or risk physical and mental deterioration. Many scientific studies have proven that resting for at least six to eight hours a night is essential for two main reasons: one, to repair and restore our bodily functions such as our immune system, muscles, and other hormones. And two, it helps us with retaining the information we absorbed and processed on that day along with improving our memory.

But what happens when we don’t sleep?

I got my answer when I started out as a freelancer. I realized that most of the clients I meet were people from the other side of the world, and I, naturally, had to adhere to their schedule.

This was when the sleep deprivation started. I had to wake up in the middle of the night to get ready for a conference call. I had to send my daily reports by 1:00 a.m.

Since America is behind by at least twelve hours, I’m working on a Friday night (which is about Saturday on the other side of the globe) while my family and friends are out having fun.

For months, I had a hard time getting more than five hours of sleep daily; I was lucky to get an extra thirty minutes if my active brain was incredibly exhausted.

This is where my sleepless nights (or should I say days?) had me daydreaming about creating a blog to share my woes of getting less than the forty winks. The blog was just a dream that didn’t come true until I was introduced to Nicole through a client.

It was only then that I decided to set up the Sleeping Bay blog with her.

With our knowledge and experience combined, we were able to create a blog with useful stories, articles, and tips that helped thousands of fellow night owls around the world getting better sleep, one night at a time.

The Team



Sarah is the founder of  Sleeping Bay, a blog dedicated to getting better sleep.

Sarah is your resident night owl who struggled with sleeping due to her work heavily relying on dealing with clients who live in different time zones. Her freelance work gave her the financial freedom she yearned for years, but at a steep price — losing sleep. Sleep is as valuable as time, and losing sleep is losing time, and losing time is also losing money.

After meeting like-minded people who shared her pains of chronic insomnia, Sarah created the Sleeping Bay blog where she and her fellow writers would write useful tips or hacks for fellow night owls to sleep better.

Nowadays, Sarah manages her work and blogging equally while giving herself enough time to rest.


Co-Founder/Regular Contributor 

Nicole is a co-founder of Sleeping Bay blog and fellow night owl who lives on the other end of the world.

Being a manager was more than just a shiny title and an attractive paycheck, it was about ensuring that both work and her subordinates were working.

The insomnia was catching up after working tirelessly at nights and being almost sleepless during the days. Nicole was enticed by the lucrative paycheck but failed to realize that this job takes a toll on your body.

After co-founding Sleeping Lucid, Nicole writes about her various articles and secrets to work-life balance that she hopes all call center agents around the world will one day achieve.



Jenny is a business mogul and social media influencer who frequently travels around the world for both business and pleasure.

Based on her social media presence and pictures, the Korean American’s globetrotting lifestyle will make any onlooker green with envy.

However,  Jenny has noted that this glamorous lifestyle isn’t so great as she often lacks sleep due to being in different time zones almost every three weeks or so. Eyebags are not a girl’s best friend!

Jenny’s story started when she was stuck in an airport in Thailand. She noticed how dismayed the dead-tired passengers were since they were looking forward to the sixteen-hour flight back home. Jenny started compiling notes, “sleep hacks” as she likes to call it, to help people catch some Zs when they are on the move or in another country.

Jenny discovered the Sleeping Bay blog and offered to share her sleep hacks in hopes that it will help anyone who needs more than just a power nap.