Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Review [Pros & Cons Compared]

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Sleeping well increases productivity and overall good health, yet still, most of us suffer poor sleeping habits caused by insomnia, mental health poor planning or just uncomfortable bedding. This leads to mental and physical exhaustion. If any of these sound familiar to you, read on, there’s a great solution for you in this detailed review.

The Amy Garden Weighted Blanket is a kind that set itself apart from a highly saturated market of weighted blankets owing to its, feel, comfort, design, and beauty. The extra weight from the blanket feels like a hug to the body-and yes, we all love cuddly, warm hugs. It comes without a cover for it but that should not worry you as they also sell covers in different colors, so you get to pick the color that best suits you. Unfortunately, the blanket comes in non-standard standard sizes so it might look neat if you chose to use a cover from your selection of duvet covers. Plus it comes with a warranty, so you can try it risk-free.

The Amy Garden Weighted Blanket Review

amy garden weighted review

If you are a restless sleeper with occasional insomnia, teas and sleeping pills have been the norm for you, this review is for you. It brings a solution that does not pose any significant risks to your health.

I’m talking about the weighted blanket. Now to choose one out of the already saturated market can be quite a task, but here’s why the Amy Garden Weighted Blanket stands out.

The Amy Garden Weighted Blanket has a pleasant texture and is beautifully designed hence will most definitely blend into your interior design. Also, the contents inside the Amy Garden Weighted Blanket are neither too heavy, nor too light once you purchase the right weight of the blanket corresponding to your body weight.  

This blanket is recommended for light sleepers who crave to sleep soundly, for people with insomnia, people who toss and turn a lot in bed, autistic people, people with insomnia, I mean anybody who has trouble sleeping or wakes up so tired should give this blanket a try.

Why the Amy Garden Weighted Blanket is Unique

This blanket stands out from many others in the market in several ways:

The Material

The blanket is made of 100% cotton that gives it this ultra-soft feel, you’d want to fall asleep immediately. It is breathable in case you’re worried it could get too hot.  

On the inside, its compartments are then filled with non-toxic, hypo-allergenic, odorless beads that are well packed you hardly feel the hardness. However, the materials inside do not cause it to sag to the sides with time as many other weighted blankets do.

Wide range of sizes corresponding to the weight

Many weighted blankets in the market come in one size that might not be reliable with varying bed sizes. However, the blanket sizes available for the Amy Garden one are non-standard sizes and have different weights, there was a 36”x 48” at 5lbs, a 40”x60” at 10lbs, 48”x72” @ 12lbs or 15lbs and a 60”x80” also at 15lbs.

In fact, the manufacturers propose that the blanket you go for should weigh about 10% of your total body weight.

There are also options available for children.


A few people have claimed that they have machine-washed the blanket and it has remained intact and functioned perfectly.

I’ll warn you here because the instructions say you should dry clean the blanket. Remember not following manuals can waiver a warranty.

Cost and warranty details

Another thing one considers when setting out to buy a new product is the cost.

If you are not planning to dig so deep into your pockets, the Amy Garden Weighted Blanket proves to be at a good price.  More like true value for your money. The Blanket is available on Amazon.

It also comes with a warranty though limited to factory faults only. As this is standard practice in the industry, careful how you handle the blanket from washing to packing it and so on.


  • Helps you sleep better – the extra weight exerts pressure which gives you a calming effect which then reduces your fidgeting or movement when sleeping.
  • Options to pick from – the blanket comes in different weights, sizes and has covers in different colors so there is something for everyone.


  • This weighted blanket does not come with a cover. More to the point, the cover is sold separately. Though it comes in different colors to choose from, the blanket sizes are not standard which means that besides your normal duvet/blanket covers, that you interchange from time to time, you will have to buy a separate one(s) for the weighted blanket. The cover is also 100% cotton. 


weighted blanket review


The Amy Garden Weighted Blanket was a great option to select from the vast majority in the market. The fact that it’s a whole package of a great design, wide range of beautiful covers to select from and is well packed is just the tip of it.

Its smooth feel to the skin, is great at night and despite the plastic pellets inside, you do not wake up soaked in sweat as it is porous enough to allow the flow of air. So, why not go ahead and get your snuggles from Amy Garden’s Weighted Blanket.

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