Buzio Weighted Blanket Review [Pros and Cons Compared]

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buzio review

One of the best things about sleeping is having a nice, comfortable blanket gently pressing down on your body as your eyes rest and your mind takes you away to the land of sweet dreams.  Weighted blankets not only give you more comfort during long nights, but they could also reduce your anxiety for better night sleep. Hot sleepers can even use specifically weighted blankets that could be able to keep them cool. And the weighted blanket I shall be talking about is brought to you by BUZIO. This review will go through BUZIO weighted blankets so that you can see if they are a fit for you.

Let’s first review some of the highlights of the BUZIO weighted blanket.  It is made out of high-quality, breathable Oeko-TEX standard cool cotton materials and non-toxic Premium Glass beads. It’s great for hot sleepers. Plus, this weighted blanket is designed in such a way that the fillings (it is multi-layered) inside a duvet cover does not move around. But, it is not suitable for very young children or for pregnant women and this could be a drawback for potential buyers.

Why Buy a Weighted Blanket

The main purpose of using and having a weighted blanket is so that you feel as if you are receiving a gentle hug, one that is not too tight and heavy nor light and non-existence throughout the whole night.

Not only is this comfortable but it also has a deeper purpose to generally help people such as those who are suffering from anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, stress, autism and insomnia all because of this gentle hug.

Weighted blankets put some pressure on the body and this releases more serotonin (also known as the “happy” chemical) which is a neurotransmitter responsible for calmness and well-being.

This is the basic theory behind DTP (Deep Touch Pressure Therapy) but at a more affordable price depending on how serious the issues are.

But check with your doctor or therapist if this is a bad fit for you, to be on the safe side. There is science behind the blanket and I only merely touched the cover in this review.

Buzio Weighted Blanket Review

As already stated in this review the Oeko-TEX standard cool cotton materials that make up the BUZIO weighted blanket are high-quality.

They’re breathable with non-toxic Premium Glass beads to give you a cool and healthy sleep.

Glass Beads

The Glass beads are evenly distributed per a square across the whole blanket, so they can wrap around your body nicely and you would not need to worry about weight shifting annoyances.

The Glass beads have two layers of polyester padding so that there no leaking. There are five layers in total (not seven which seems to be a more common practice with weighted blankets) which gives the BUZIO weighted blanket its thinness (easier to pack and travel with) as well as one of the reasons why it is more breathable to cool you down.

Sizes, Cover, FDA & More

The BUZIO weighted blanket can come in a variety of sizes which is great for all different sized people but could limit the option on covers.

There is a removable BUZIO duvet cover which is sold separately; the designs on the covers are limited. However, the outer layer of the blanket is cotton which makes it feel good and the diamond pattern across the whole blanket does look pleasing.

The standard color is a light grey which is not anything to write about but at least it is not unpleasant. But, a cover for the blanket would be advisable to increase its life span.  The materials are odorless, while the beads are hypo-allergenic (less likely to cause an allergic reaction).

Plus, this blanket has the approved of the FDA so you know it is safe.

20 lbs buzio blanket

Let’s Review its Pros and Cons 

Pros of Buzio Weighted Blanket 

The materials and the design of the blanket are big pros, but they are some others to mention in this review.

The edge of the blanket has 12 ties which are what you use to keep it in place within the BUZIO duvet cover so it does not move around in the cover while you sleep and you have to take time to put the corner of the blanket into the corner of the cover.

BUZIO weighted blankets are able to come in different sizes depending on what you need.

It would be a good idea to buy a blanket that weight about 7-12 percent of your body weight and allow for three to seven days for your body to get used to.

If you are someone who has knee, joint, back pain and you sleep on your side then you could be able to get a BUZIO weighted blanket that is on the lighter side, seven percent end, while people who do not have injuries can go for the 12 percent option.

It is easy to clean plus, it should not empty out your wallet too much.

Cons of Buzio Weighted Blanket 

With the good can come the bad and no review would be a review without mentioning some things you should be aware of.

This blanket is not for pregnant women and for very young children (depending on the size of the blanket since some sizes can be good for three years old) and it should not cross your shoulders or go over your head.

Direct heat could melt the beads and plastic inside the blanket.  Besides the sizes and a few different colors of the blanket, there is not really that much variety to pick from.


Some pointers when owning this type of blanket would be to get the BUZIO duvet cover. And, even though it is easy to wash the blanket it should be machine washed at a low temperature as not to damage anything and keep everything in place.   

Where to Buy the Buzio Weighted Blanket and the Return Policy

One of the best places to buy a BUZIO weighted blanket would be the old favorite online shopping ground: Amazon. This is where you can find the size you want and what color you would like if it is in stock.

You can read real customer-reviews there as well.

Amazon has your back if issues arise with the blanket since they tend to be well-known for their consumer protection policies.  

buzio weighted blanket


To end off this review I would say that pros outweigh (pun intended!) the cons and the BUZIO weighted blanket sounds like a comfortable and affordable find for those who have issues sleeping or suffer from the aforementioned mentioned illnesses.

The style of the blanket is not bad to look at while the five-layer thinness is something that many hot sleepers would get behind or under.  The high-quality of the materials is worth the price and could pay out in the long run.

However, remember that you will need a few days to get used to the blanket and buy one which is between 7 and 12 per cent of your weight to get the full experience of using the BUZIO weighted blanket. If, the FDA approved then this review does too.

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