How to Wash Bamboo Pillow [Can You Machine Wash & Dry It?]

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For some people sleeping may not be as easy as it sounds. Some people can experience neck pain, back pain, headaches, over-heating, and generally uncomfortable sleep position etc. There are many ways to combat these types of non-pleasure to ensure a good night’s rest and one of the main weapons is having the right pillow to suit your sleeping needs. This is where a clean Bamboo pillow could help you out. Once you have the Bamboo pillow of your choice it is a good idea to practice good Bamboo pillow care so that your pillow can last for a long time and not lose its form as well as usefulness. 

So how do you wash Bamboo pillows? Can you machine wash and dry them? The short answer is no. You cannot wash and dry by machines. You can wash bamboo pillow by hand and dry by air and sun. Bamboo pillows cannot be machine washed since a machine can be too rough on the pillow making it lose its form, usefulness, shape and even the filling.  A dryer is also a bad idea to use to dry them because the high temperature can damage and melt the memory form that makes up a large part of the filling making it hard and chunky. 

Not all bamboo pillows are made equal. If you want nothing but the best, go for the Snuggle-Pedic Ultra- Luxury Bamboo Pillow which is said to never get flatten. It’s a high-quality product and not the cheapest but it’s definitely not expensive. However, if you’re on a budget try the Handau Bamboo Pillow. 

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Can You Wash Bamboo Pillows?

The quick answer to this question is yes, you can wash Bamboo pillows but it will take some time. In order to have a clean Bamboo pillow that keeps its form and function, you would need to wash it by hand and let it dry naturally in the air and sun.

But Can You Machine Wash A Bamboo Pillow?

No. Don’t use a washing machine because it can damage the filling of the pillow as well as causes it to fall apart earlier then it is meant to.

Can You Dry Bamboo Pillow In A Dryer?

Dryers use too much heat for Bamboo pillows to handle, therefore the answer is no. Bamboo pillows are quite sensitive when it comes to machines since machines are very powerful and the pillow cannot handle them.

How Do You Wash a Bamboo Pillow

There are four very simple steps to follow for Bamboo pillow care and to have a clean pillow.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is to remove the pillow cover and this (only this) you can put in the washing machine.

Put your machine on a gentle cycle and make sure that the temperature of the water is lukewarm, therefore not hot and not cold, just warm enough. You can add a mild detergent to the mix. If you are worried that your machine will do more harm than good, you can always wash it by hand as well.  

Step 2

For good Bamboo pillow care you will need a basin that you can fit the whole, actual, pillow (if it one piece) or for all the part of the fillings (if it is shredded memory foam) in as well as a mild detergent that does not have bleach in it. The water should be lukewarm and you should use enough detergent to just cover the parts of the filling without drowning them in liquid.

You would not want the detergent to go all the way through your clean Bamboo pillow. This can take some time but it is better to make sure every inch is clean so that your clean Bamboo pillow will last and serve its purpose.

Step 3

A clean Bamboo pillow does not have detergent in it when it is dry so before you can let it dry make sure that you rinse the pillow as many times as you need to get all the detergent out. This may take a few dunks and rinses to make sure that you are practicing good Bamboo pillow care.

Step 4

The final step for having a clean Bamboo pillow is the one where you will do the least but wait for the longest. Once you have rinsed your pillow you can place it in the sun to let it air dry since dryers can damage the pillows. There are two ways you can air dry:

  1. Using a drying rack hanger that you can hang on your washing line so that your clean Bamboo pillow can get 360 degrees of sunlight
  2. Placing the Bamboo pillow on a clean, towel on a flat surface and flipping it over to make sure that both sides of the pillow get dry

Another good aspect of Bamboo pillow care is to make sure that the pillow is totally, completely dry. The tiniest bit of damp could cause mold or mildew which a clean Bamboo pillow does not make, not to mention the potential health issues.

Read Your Bamboo Pillow’s Washing Instructions

While the four steps on Bamboo pillow cleaning that were mentioned are great starting points, for the best Bamboo pillow care you should read the instructions that come with that pillow. Each type of Bamboo pillow can come with different instruction on what you can and cannot do. Some pillows you may even be machine washed and dried (like a Miracle Bamboo pillow) but only as a very, very, very last resort).

How Often Should You Wash Bamboo Pillows?

You would not like to overdo it or underdo it but you should make time to wash your pillow once or twice a year. Mark dates on your calendar and remember that it may take them a while to get completely dry.

What is a Bamboo Pillow

A Bamboo pillow is one of the types of pillow that are made with people who have problems sleeping in mind. They are made out of bamboo fibers that are found in the material of the casing. They also have either shredded memory foam or one complete piece of memory foam as the filling.


  • They are designed to maintain the temperature while you sleep so that you are kept cool throughout the night
  • They can protect against bacteria, and dust mites which is great for those who suffer from asthma, allergies, and lung problems
  • As well as to help keep your spine in alignment which could decrease the chances of snoring


  • Firmness that some people are not used to or they cannot get used to
  • Needs to be aired out at first due to a strange smell when you first open the clean Bamboo pillow packaging
  • They should be hand washed and air dried since using machines can damage them

Can You Remove the Yellow from Bamboo Pillows?

The yellow color that people see on their pillows is mostly caused by sweat and in some rare cases by urination from pets or children. Yellow does not make a clean Bamboo pillow (or any type of pillow) look clean even if they are, but there is a way to get the yellow color out of pillows.

Therefore, for the maximum Bamboo pillow care, try to get the yellow out by adding a cup of normal dishwasher detergent as well as soon chlorine bleach and half a cup of borax to your basin where the pillow is. A clean Bamboo pillow that is completely white may take a lot of elbow grease since machines will not help.

Miracle Bamboo Pillow Washing Instructions

The Miracle Bamboo pillow is the type that can be machined washed as a last resort. However, if you end up washing the actual pillow in cold water on a gentle cycle then run it through the dryer on low tumble many times to make sure it is totally dry. Otherwise, the moisture will damage the memory form.

Hotel Comfort Bamboo Pillow Washing Instructions

Hotel Comfort Bamboo pillows are the opposite since they can only be hand washed and air dried. However, you can use machines for the cover on warm water setting and dry it on low heat tumble.

Bamboo Pillow Care: What NOT to Do

  • Do not machine wash the filling
  • Do not machine dry the filling
  • Do not let the filling soak for more than 20 minutes  
  • Do not leave any dampness in the filling
  • Do not forget to wash the Bamboo pillow once to twice a year
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A clean Bamboo pillow can be an investment in terms of time but it will be good in the long run to keep the pillow’s function, form, and shape. And, think of it this way: giving the right Bamboo pillow care will help your pillow care for you.

If you’re looking for a bamboo pillow, go for the highly-rated  Snuggle-Pedic Ultra- Luxury or Handau Bamboo Pillow. 

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