How to Wash Weighted Blanket [Can You Clean it in Washing Machine]

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Can wash weighted blanket

Hi, sleeping beauties, I betcha, the weighted blanket sure is the answer for a good night’s sleep, But how do you clean it. A nice load of washing keeps the nightmares away.  Not the shabby way you wash your socks (whoa, I smell that!) but the kind of scrub your marm dishes out when you go out to play in the sewer.  You wanna know how to wash your weighted blanket? Check these tips out.

Do you have a weighted blanket and find it a weight in burden to clean? Well, the solution is not far-fetched. Weighted blanket is cool medically and the best for daring times but washing it can be strenuous and difficult for a lot of people. Well, if you want to know about how to clean, hand wash, and iron a weighted blanket then this article would be of help.

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Can You Wash Weighted Blankets?

Often times, people are poised with questions like before I get my weighted blanket, can I wash it?

The best answer is that not all blankets are the same and you should read the washing instructions that your weighted blanket came with.

Can hard stains be removed from it? Oh, enough of the bother! The truth is that it can be washed and for best results, it is important that you don’t mix it with other clothes; just separately wash it with regular detergent.


How to clean a weighted blanket using a washing machine?

machine wash glass beads

To clean your weighted blanket, you need to understand that there are varying recommendations based on the blanket however, everyone wants their weighted blanket to last a good time and to clean it is simple.

You can use your hand to wash it if it’s not beyond 20 pounds, you can use a machine to clean it too and doing this requires mild detergent and understanding the type of blanket that is being cleaned. Most essentially, it is a great idea if you follow the instructions on the care tag attached to the blankets.

Another question that tickles a lot of fancy is on the frequent washing times, like how often do you get to wash your weighted blanket? Depending on the use and the circumstance. For a baby laundry detergent on a weighted blanket, it won’t be hard on it and the lifespan tends to be good. 

How to hand wash a weighted blanket

Hand washing of the weighted blanked depends on the material and components in the blanket. Steps on how to hand wash a blanket or in the absent of a washing machine are as follows

  • Remove the cover from the inner blanket.
  • Inspect the blanket for areas with major stains. Wet and apply soap or detergent to the area and rub gently.
  • Fill your bathtub halfway fill with lukewarm water.
  • Add mild detergent to the water and dip the blanket to the water. Gently rub the sections together.
  • Drain the tub and remove excess water from the blanket by rolling and squeezing it. Lay the wet blanket on a flat surface to dry off the excess water in it.

How to wash weighted blanket

Weighted blankets are made of different combination of fabrics, therefore, it can be hand washed or by the use of a washing machine. In both cases, the blanket is separated from the cover and washed in clean lukewarm water with detergent. Spread the blanket outside in the sun or inside i.e. air dry.

Weighted blanket washing instructions

In washing a weighted blanket there are some notable instructions to follow due to the nature of fabrics in the blanket. Below are some the basic instruction of washing a weighted blanket.

  • Wash blanket in a warm or cold water
  • Avoid the use of fabric softener
  • Blanket with over 20lb must be washed and also dry in a commercial washer.
  • Dry on low or medium heat.

Can you put a weighted blanket in a dryer?

The most demanding aspect of taking care of a weighted blanket is cleaning it and to lessen the demands, the point that should be duly taken is that drying a weighted blanket requires knowing the overall materials used in the blanket.

For some weighted blankets, their outer part is easy to dry and removable. In other words, you can actually use a dryer for a weighted blanket considering the interior material which could be cotton fill, poly pellets, glass bead or polyfill.

You have to be sure about the materials as some interior materials may not dry on high heat.    

A friend across the street came around thanking me for giving the advice on using a weighted blanket for panic and to clean it he understands the rudiments but you might be like him at first and ask about washing a removable outer layer. There is no trick to it and you only need to do these few things

  • Removing the outer layer {usually used to protect the inner weighted material}
  • Putting the layer in the washing machine
  • Tumble dry the layer on low heat

Can you iron weighted blankets?

can you iron blanket

When it comes to weighted blankets, the general instructions the manufacturer attaches to the blanket is to avoid ironing or warn against ironing.

That said, if it is 100% cotton, you may have a not too rigorous iron on your weighted blanket. For weighted blanket with poly pellets, ironing can be damaging as the heat could damage the pellets inside.

Washing the removable outer layer

To wash a removable outer layer requires removing the outer layer of the blanket which protect the inner materials. Use cold water and detergent with a gentle cycle to wash the outer layer of the blanket. Dry the layer on low heat or good air flow.

How often should you clean weighted blankets?

Safety care of the weighted blanket determines how often and how regular the blanket will be washed. If when kept from all form of stains it can reduce the stress of washing the blanket regularly and also avoiding reduction in the quality of the fabric of the weighted blanket. Therefore the weighted blanket should not be washed regularly.

How to wash YnM Weighted Blanket?

Different types of weighted blankets need specific techniques to wash them. The following guide is applicable in washing YnM weighted blankets

  • Use cool or lukewarm water but for cotton fabric with bright or dark colors, make use of cold water first to prevent dye running. Same procedure is for a Bamboo Weighted blanket with a light detergent.
  • Air dry by hanging the blanket up outside or over a drying rack.
  • Usually, it is advisable to put blankets under 12-15 pounds in a tumble dryer on low or medium power. Front load washer and dryer may be able to handle only 10-12 pounds maximum.
  • Do not use bleach, dry cleaning materials, or iron weighted blankets.

How to wash a weighted blanket with poly pellets?

To start with, I am curious about what poly pellets mean, poly pellets are polypropylene weighted stuffing material which adds flexibility necessary to give shape to soft crafts into a uniform fill.

It can also be called bead inner blankets. A weighted blanket with poly pellets can be washed using a warm water procedure. The warm water cycle should not be mistaken for a hot water cycle.

If the inner is 100% cotton, you can use warm or cold water using a mild detergent and this applies to almost all types of weighted blankets.

How to clean weighted blanket with glass beads?

Glass beads are often regarded as an alternative to the poly pellets. The weighted blanket with glass beads provides sufficient weight and often without creating a blanket that is bulky and another uniqueness of glass beads weighted blanket is that it is mold resistant and will never create dust or break as it is distributed evenly throughout the blanket.

So, to wash it, you can wash in a machine and yes! It is dryer safe. Trust me, you might just need to read instructions attached to the weighted blanket too.

How clean weighted blanket


So, can you wash a weighted blanket?

The twists and turns on the bed can be always blissful if cleaning your weighted blanket is fully understood. Without doubts, weighted blankets help to improve sleep but should we wake up to weep about washing it?

Of course not! Having been proven scientifically to help in cases whereby someone suffers from numbers of ailments which includes PTSD, autism, menopause and the fact that it is good for both children and adults, washing weighted blankets should be done carefully.

It comes with treating it gently and always be rest assured that the weighted blanket would return the favor. 

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