Microfiber Sheets Pros and Cons (Benefits vs Disadvantages)

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Microfiber Sheets Pros Cons

Microfiber textiles are some of the most prevalent products we can find in any modern home. The fact this material is relatively new doesn’t take away from its usefulness, it is rather common nowadays to see this fiber is used in multiple applications, including sheets, pillowcases, cleaning cloths, mops, and many others.

In this article, we will explore some of the benefits and disadvantages of this often misunderstood fabric. Let’s go exploring!

TL;DR: Some of the biggest benefits of microfiber are that it’s very affordable, easy to care for, durable and feels good on the skin. Some of the disadvantages are that it’s not so eco-friendly and can be static.

Best Rated Microfiber Sheets in 2024

  1. Mellanni Bed Sheet Set: Winner
  2. Swift Home Luxury Bedding Collection: Cheaper Option

Pros and Cons of Microfiber Bedding

Microfiber is a type of synthetic fiber that is known for its incredibly small per-fiber diameter.

In terms of width, it is much smaller than your average cotton fiber. Microfibers can be made from polyester, nylon, and other man-made fabrics, which in turn allows the fibers to be treated in multiple ways, giving them a wide array of characteristics that fit into multiple uses. 

Microfiber bedding is one of the most popular uses for this fabric, and even though it often gets a bad rep, we have found this conclusion to be a bit misinformed.

Microfibers make excellent and affordable sheets, pillowcases, and blankets. 

Benefits of Microfiber Pillowcases and Sheets 

1.  Microfiber is warm

 Because most microfibers are made from polyester, they often possess some very valuable insulating characteristics.

Microfiber pillowcases and sheets are excellent for cold weather, as they make a great job of keeping warm air from circulating outwards. This intrinsic characteristic combines perfectly with our next pro.

2. Microfiber bedding is lightweight

Microfiber textiles are known for being quite thin, and although some consider this to be a disadvantage, we consider it to be of great benefit for certain applications.

If you move around a lot and like to sleep outside, be it camping or star-gazing, microfiber sheets and pillowcases will be very easy to transport and store, helping you allocate weight for other important necessities.  

3. Microfiber pillowcases and sheets are very affordable

Because microfiber bedding is made from synthetic fabrics, it tends to be very affordable.

Don’t mistake this for a drop in quality though, as microfibers are easily some of the softest and silkiest materials you can find.

Combine this with a bunch of other special characteristics, and you realize that their cheap price can actually be a huge benefit, especially for your wallet.    

4. Microfiber is very durable

Contrary to popular belief, microfiber pillowcases and sheets can be very durable. The stretchy nature of their synthetic components, combined with their water-repellant features, makes microfiber bedding a very easy to maintain fabric.

Can you wash them on your washing machine? Yep, no problem. We even recommend you wash them with warm water, as this can thoroughly eliminate unwanted odors and stains.

5. Microfiber is very soft

Because of the small diameter of microfibers, it’s quite soft and silky. This makes it a perfect fabric for your pillowcases and sheets, especially during winter, keeping you both warm and comfortable throughout the night.

6. Microfiber pillowcases and sheets are highly customizable

Microfiber textiles are known for their wide range of colors, characteristics, and uses. The material can be easily modified through several industrial processes, like creating brushed microfiber sheets.

If you are picky about the color, feel, and build of your bedding, microfiber fabrics can be a great ally. Do you want a stretchy neon green pillowcase for your children? Or how about a water-resistant camping sheet? All these options and much more available to you with microfibers. 

Cons of Microfiber Bedding

1. Microfiber is not eco-friendly

Due to the synthetic nature of these materials, microfiber bedding manufacturing can be very polluting.

They are made from petroleum-based plastics, and the number of chemicals used for the different treatments of the fabric, are particularly toxic.

This is a big problem in less developed countries, where most of these chemicals end up being dumped on rivers, landfills, and oceans. These chemicals tend to seep through into sewage systems and food crops, contaminating the natural resources and health of their population. 

2. Microfiber bedding is flammable

Most microfiber fabrics are made with petroleum-based polymers, this makes them some of the most flammable textiles around.

It also means that when they burn, they give off some toxic fumes. This might be a very specific example, but if you live in a region that is very prone to wildfires (e.g. Australia or California).

We recommend you avoid furnishing your room with microfiber bedding. Don’t get discouraged though, nearly all textiles, natural or not, are combustible.

3. Microfiber sheets and pillowcases can be static

This one is for animal lovers or people that tend to have very long hair. Microfiber bedding has a tendency to be very static, this complicates things if you enjoy brushing your hair in bed, or have a dog you like to sleep with.

The hairs will get stuck to the bedding, increasing the work you must do to maintain your sheets and pillowcases clean. For an easy solution, take a metal clothes hanger and run it through your sheets slowly, be careful not to poke or tear the fabric while doing this.  

Are Microfiber Sheets Good?

We tend to be more of the glass half full type.

We think they’re great for people on a tight budget, and microfiber has come a long way from its dodgy industrial beginnings.

Some high-quality microfiber sheets can even feel better than low-quality cotton ones.

However, high-end cotton or bamboo sheets tend to have more luxurious properties, which come at a higher cost.

We have taken the time to look for some of the best microfiber sheets on the market in 2024.

That way, we hope to make the experience of buying microfiber bedding more seamless for you.

In terms of the highest-rated microfiber sheets and pillowcases, you can find, Mellanni Bed Sheet Set is a very good option.

These sheets are made from brushed microfiber, making them exceptionally silky, they are resistant to stain and wrinkles.  

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An even cheaper option, with great quality-features, is this Swift Home Luxury Bedding Collection.

This collection is also made from super soft brushed microfibers, as well as being a very durable and plentiful set of sheets and pillowcases.

If you want more bang for your buck, this is it.

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benefits microfiber bedding


We hope that this exploration of microfiber pros and cons was both informative, and entertaining. The reputation this material has is based on a lack of understanding, so we felt the need to write this article to clear some things up.

We feel that being informed is key when it comes to purchasing microfiber bedding. It is probably one of the fabrics that would benefit the most from a more thorough look at its features, and characteristics. 

We also explored some of the best-rated microfiber sheets you could buy in 2024, both of them being high quality, durable, and soft alternatives to your more traditional cotton sheets.

They are also better for your wallet. Remember that the Mellanni Bed Sheet Set is a very sound, highly rated option. While the Swift Home Luxury Bedding Collection, is a cheaper, yet still excellent alternative. 

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